August 26, 2019

Networking – the Company’s Strength Derives from Contacts

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This is the average amount of time you need to start a business online. But how to develop it equally as quickly? Where to get investors from? Where can you find reliable partners? How to create a global company beginning from a local one? Below are some tips.

Today, first and foremost, you must have the desire to be successful, be open to new challenges and strive to achieve them. NETWORKING gives great opportunities – a new culture of “meeting and connecting foreign people” during various events, mutual exchange of contacts and quick determination of cooperation opportunities. This is a new phenomenon in our culture, we Poles are rather unconvinced and closed by nature, we are reluctant to share our knowledge immediately and make friends. Fortunately, the Internet and Social Media have initiated a cultural change that many young people follow. It is thanks to them that interesting initiatives are created during which future business partners meet. Thanks to Przemek Mikus from Liki Mobile Solutions, I was able to participate on December 6, 2017 in the Polish Tech Night event in Berlin, during which I could see what NETWORKING is and what benefits it brings.



In the first part of Polish Tech Night, the hosts provided workshops during which many interesting people appeared, suggesting why and how to develop their company in Berlin. Between presentations, you could talk to attendees and get a lot of valuable information.

Various legal aspects, financing options, advice on choosing the company’s location and organization were discussed.


At the meeting you could meet representatives of many companies that are looking for people with interesting business ideas. Once you convince them, a dream can become a fact. The ways to realise that were advised, among others, by representatives from Berliner Volksbank or Siemens.


Most of new business ideas are innovative, and hence, use new technologies and knowledge from the IT industry. This is why Przemek from Liki participates in such events, advises Start Ups, what to look for when choosing software companies, how to prepare a brief for a programmer and what programming languages ​​are worth focusing on.


Today, you do not have to rent an entire office and pay huge costs as a new entrepreneur. You can use the support and solutions of incubators for companies that provide office space, provide access to conference rooms and the opportunity to use various technical laboratories.


The last point of the event was the opportunity to talk to everyone without restrictions, exchanging business cards, ideas, views and determining what opportunities we can seize to grow our businesses. The important thing is that during such events, you can meet decision-makers, and that will allow you to start a real cooperation between different companies.

Let’s summarize what NETWORKING is. On one hand, it is a chance to meet new interesting people, and on the other, a real opportunity to get to know your future business partners. It is worth using such opportunities and expanding your knowledge about business development opportunities.


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