August 26, 2019

Meet PINTra – A Platform for Intelligent Transparency

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For 9 years already, Successful R&I in Europe has been a unique space for presenting outstanding projects and working together to bring higher value to European R&I community. This time, Liki Mobile Solutions was among the enthusiasts to share our vision and ideas with other like-minded businesses, and make the world a better place through innovation and technologies. Together with our partner, Corevas GmbH & CO.KG, we have introduced PINTra – a mHealth solution assisting in crisis situations, as well as solving everyday problems.

Intelligent Transparency Is a Key

In an emergency, it is essential for such services as rescue teams and insurance companies to get accurate and instant information for taking necessary measures promptly and effectively.  PINTra will serve as a link between such facilities and the parties concerned, ensuring reliable and intelligent interoperability by allowing access to smartphone data of individuals via speakers, sensors, camera, and GPS.

Nowadays, mobile devices allow to accumulate and share various types of situative data – wearables, information on bystander (such as age and gender), traffic and weather conditions, – all these details, when timely transferred to the services concerned, can greatly enhance the level of help and advice provided by them. The algorithm of sharing this peripheral information may be realized through the implementation of agnostic methods and technologies, and the creation of a wide partner network with the facilities, the government, and the public. PINTra platform can be widely used in healthcare sphere, however, its application will also improve insurance claims’ processes, remote service for household appliances, homecare, etc.

Partners Wanted

The success of the project directly depends on the effective communication and functioning of the partnering network. Many businesses and organizations are already supporting us and working on PINTra, among them –  VodafoneUniversity of CologneNofer Institute of Occupational Medicine and many others. However, we are always looking for proactive market players who would help us put our great ideas to life. All the companies and non-profit organizations with the expertise in data analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning are welcome.

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