August 27, 2019

Gamestreaks: How We Created a Non-monetary Betting Platform

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We like solving complicated problems – the ones requiring deep study, non-conventional approach and creativity. Therefore, when a US-based company contacted us telling about the project they have in mind but yet didn’t manage to put it in life, we knew that we will definitely take the challenge. This is how our work on GameStreaks started.

What is GameStreaks

GameStreaks is a US web platform for non-monetary gambling on sports.  In other words, users can bet on popular American sports (basketball, American football, baseball, etc), and win virtual points that can be further exchanged for various coupons or discounts. The specialty of a platform is that when winning a couple of times in a row, the users can build streaks and multiply their scores.

What we did

When we just started working on a project, a draft version of a platform was already available. However, after the analysis, we realized that there are plenty of missing elements as well as those requiring substantial improvements. The main challenge in this particular case was to develop the algorithm for platform operation, as it largely depends on the rules of different sports. So, our team started with a deep study of the rules and principles of the games to be available on a platform. Another challenge faced by a team were the time-zones – cooperating with a US-based client required changing the working schedule of a team, as well as its flexibility and availability on demand, sometimes beyond the working hours. The project manager often had calls with a client late at night, in order to make the regular check-ups.

So, it took us around 5 months to create the final version of a platform, including its UI/UX design, infrastructure, backend, database, and frontend. After presenting it to the client, we were still keeping in touch for some time to make on-demand adjustments and provide maintenance.

If you want to learn more about the technical side of GameStreaks project, we invite you to check the case study available in our Portfolio.


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