August 27, 2019

Why Poland: 4 Reasons to Outsource Your IT Processes to Our Country

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Not everyone knows, that Poland is one of the top software development and outsourcing destinations – according to many independent sources, Polish developers are among the most skilled in the global rankings (#3 in the world, according to HackerRank). Moreover, the country possesses quality technology infrastructure – having joined the EU 14 years ago, most of the infrastructure necessary for the sound operation of the IT sector is new and follows high-quality standards.

High-Skilled Workforce

Our country has plenty of talented and well-educated IT specialists in various high-demand fields. The yearly supply of IT graduates accounts for 80.000 students – they get a strong educational background in the leading Polish universities, offering the extensive range of IT-related programs. Moreover, our workforce is well-prepared for cooperating with foreign partners, as Polish employees demonstrate a good overall command of English – we are 11th out of 80 countries in the English Proficiency Index. Many specialists know more than one foreign language – there is no problem in finding specialists with the proficiency level of European languages.

Stable Economy

Being part of the European Union, Poland has a stable and growing economy, supported by long-term investments of many global leaders. Experts estimate that Poland could potentially join the TOP 30 global economies in the next decade. Therefore, outsourcing in Poland is not an experiment – many countries, including Germany, the UK and the Netherlands, are already present in this well-developed market and satisfied with the level of service they get. Stability and growth of Polish economy greatly facilitate international cooperation.

Located In The Heart Of Europe

We are closer than you might think. Poland can be easily reached from any European city within 2-3 hours of flight. Main business centres have airports with effective communication channels. Proximity makes Poland an attractive outsourcing destination for European-based companies. Apart from location, similar time zones make this cooperation more effective.


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